Marine graduates from Monroe County Veterans Court

MC Veterans Court Judge Dwaine B. Thomas opened his courtroom for the graduation of 31 year old Marine Eric Ryan Busch for the successful completion of Veterans Court program. The event was delayed an hour due to a lengthy case prior to the graduation so many of the County officials had to leave prior to the graduation. County Mayor Mitch Ingram, city council and sheriff department members were present but had to leave for prior engagements.

Fortunately all of the Vet to Vet Tennessee members including Eric’s mentor Randall Scott were present. Eric thanked Judge Thomas, the Veterans Court, Helen Ross McNabb Military Services Center Clinical Therapist Lisa Wilkerson, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Case Manager Susannah Wilson and Vet to Vet Tennessee for restoring and saving his life. Eric is a proud father of two young children and a very happily married husband. Thanks to Susannah Eric has a new full time job that he loves. He committed to the Judge that he would help other veterans in need, especially those who are contemplating suicide.

Eric’s McNabb Therapist wrote the following to Judge Thomas prior to Eric’s graduation. ” His treatment plan focuses on increasing coping skills of life/work environments, enhanced interpersonal relationships and substance use cessation for min of 60 days.

Since being in the program, Eric has secured gainful employment, has reported improved relationships with his family, and has consistently participation in a recovery program, as evidenced by sign-in sheets given by me, as well as, attending more groups than I required, by his own choice. I feel that Eric has been open and honest during treatment and I have witnessed his quality of life improve. I recommend he graduate from veteran’s court, successfully.

Eric understands the benefit and necessity of continued support, so I have offered him continued services here, if he desires after graduation. His response was, “I’d like to, but let me check with my wife and get back to you”. I admire his commitment to unity in his marriage. Eric has been a pleasure to work with.”

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